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Our goal is to make opportunities for going by diminishing the undesirable expense for the excursion, honor card is useful for this.Privilege card participation assists the client with advancing the interest of traveling. Travel isn’t simply a blessing from heaven, we will assist you with satisfying that longing.

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Tour & Travel Arrangement

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Planning is a necessary factor for a trip to be successful.According to our system we provide effective tour packages to our customer with many benefitial things.Provide suggestion about the destination and make your tirp as a memmorable.Provide all the necessary to the clients that helps the customer to make their journey easier.

We Guide You All Over The World

Provide assistance, information about the destination.That helps to know the overall advantages of the tirp.Guiding helps to realise the cultural, historical factors about the destination, it will be more benefitial for the client.It makes the clients very comfortable and like to travel again for their pleasure.

Celebrate our Privilege card benefits by setting in luxury resorts and hotels across different countries.

Offering Franchise discounts for lifestyle, food, jewellery and equipment purchases and back and fourth travel services.

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Fly AMBERWAVES took its genesis with the ace to renovate the progress and prospects of the travel sector. Our syndicate is acknowledged for its fullling innovations and possibilities to its excellence with service exemplariness. The profound expertise of our crew in delivering travel and franchise services for Domestic and International necessities has met with industry accolades. Our team is professionally involved in

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Your booking system! We offer a booking, scheduling help.

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Our objective were providing the service to the customer and support for their fulfillment.

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We all want it. If we run a business, we all want to give the impression.

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It is a type of niche tourism, involving exploration or travel with a certain degree of risk, and which may require special skills and physical exertion.



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    Accommodation provides the base, from which tourists can engage in any activities at a destination


    Transportation has been an integral part of the tourism industry; transportation links tourists with various tourist attractions.


    TripAdvisor offers trusted advice from real travelers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features with seamless links to booking tools.


    Helps in planning the trip easily by the clients personal interest with effective price.


    Vacation tourism and leisure trip is commonly make seasonally it might be clients demands likes year end trip and for busy persons to relax, relief tension.


    It is an entertainment that helps to feels happy and forget the stress, makes happy moment’s.We gurantee you can experience it

    House Boat

    House Boat

    Houseboats have become synonymous with an exotic and carefree lifestyle and therefore are now also synonymous with extravagant luxury. A houseboat stay has always been a fascinating experience for tourists.

    Tour packages

    Tour packages

    You can book a tour package to any of these destinations depending on your budget and other factors such as how long you would like to stay, your preference of activities such as historical tour, garden and lake visits, or you prefer water activities like snorkelling or scuba diving.

    Travel Arrangements

    Arranging is a vital element for an trip to be successful.Provide idea about the objective and make your tirp as a memmorable.Provide all the important to the clients that assists the client with making their excursion more straightforward.

    Cab services

    Taxicabs have played a major role in helping increase mobility and transportation.Our service is available to you at this time and at any time.

    Flight Bookings

    Airline reservation system is web-based system that helps in consolidating flight data – flight schedules, seat availability, flight fares and reservations from all airlines with the help of global distribution systems and provides real-time inventory and rates for customers and travel agents to book flight tickets online.

    Hotel Bookings

    Online hotel reservations are a popular method for booking hotel rooms. We help you to find out the best hotel that you like and guarantee by providing best option.


    ABAD Hotel

    CGH Earth Resort

    Grand Mercure

    Lemontree Hotels

    Radisson Hotels

    Raviz Hotels & Resorts

    Sarovar Hotels & Resorts

    Uday Samudra beach hotels

    Haze and Kites Resort


    Shahabas Ali

    Writing this review in an adventurous mood. As i opted for Flyamberwaves, the deals i got were really good and was beyond expectations. Truly very professional team, very friendly and they will suggest good options based on customer requirements. Highly recommend.

    HSE Engineer

    Magnum Dubai

    Mr Adarsh K Menon

    As a keralite this was my best travel package. They give a you the most affordable packages with most number of visiting places……. The variety in food surprised me more. We can get variety of food at traditional kerala style and taste. Customer service was top notch. Keralites and people from other places should also try. The rooms they provided were also good. Strictly Recommended……

    WFB Baird and Co

    Mr Akhil Chandra Bose

    This was my first trip to kerala…And i just expected a normal journey , but this was an adventure for me…They provides the best packages for the affordable rates……You can get the traditional taste for the Kerala food…The staffs are very polite and loyal…Their hospitality surprised me……Its really worth for every money you spend……..Highly Recommended

    Architect - New delhi